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Now, while I can sit here and tell you all the fabulous services we offer, from the ability to sell your gently used wedding items, to our wonderful Concierge team, to our freelancers and vendors on WedGoods Help, I’m sure you want to know what makes us different. I’m here to tell you all why you should choose WedGoods as part of your pre or post wedding. Because we CARE!

Planning a wedding is supposed to be an exciting time in your life….well, supposed to.

But we often find it is met with a slew of circumstances we didn’t expect along the way. For example, the second a vendor finds out a service is for a wedding, the price goes up for their services. This is something I find to be extremely unfair. It’s the same service no matter if it’s for a wedding or an occasion. So, why the hike? And how can we fix this? I would like to tell you that the idea of not overcharging for a wedding will change overnight. The truth is that it may take a little time to change the stigma in the industry. But as long as WedGoods is around, it is our mission to provide you with quality gently used wedding items at an affordable price.

I remember planning my own wedding. And if you think that’s a task to take on by itself, try planning one cross country! Goodness! Now that was a challenge. I remember phoning around to see if I could find a DJ for our wedding. He offered lighting for our tent. I thought, ‘Ah! Fantastic! I love a one-stop shop!’

But my dreams were crushed when he told me he would charge $800 for globe string lights and labor. “WHAT?!” I gasped.

I couldn’t help myself from being appalled over the phone. There was NO way I was paying that much for globe lights. No way. So, I did what any good bargain hunter does. I went online to see what I could find. I bought 3 sets of lights for….wait for it…$275 total. And seeing as how my husband and I have big families, we knew we could count on them to help hang them up. And the truth is, it took maybe an hour to hang the lights.

But after the wedding, we had 3 sets of globe lights sitting in my mother-in-law’s garage, which I’m almost sure she didn’t appreciate. I thought, ‘How many other brides have done this?’ I couldn’t be the only one with tons of wedding stuff just hanging out in a garage. I had lanterns, ceremony pew decorations, silk bouquets, and so much other wedding stuff! And all of it was in great shape. Someone else could use this stuff but I hadn’t heard of any place that former brides and grooms could sell their stuff. And that’s where the idea for WedGoods was born. It’s more than just an online website to exchange used wedding goods. It’s an online community of people helping people.

It’s your wedding day, or for some of you looking to sell your goods to make money back, it was your wedding day.

It’s a day that is supposed to be about the love you have for your significant other and about spending time with your loved ones.

But of course, it is also an opportunity to be creative and express your love through décor and attire. And it’s a time to have fun! As much as this remains to be true, what doesn’t have to be true is the massive amounts of money you have to spend on a wedding day for it to be special. That’s where WedGoods comes in.

If you’re a former bride or groom, you’re probably looking at your ceremony décor and reception décor that you spent so much time on either by research or by doing it yourself. And I’m sure your guests loved them! So, now what do you do? Sure, you can sell it on other popular sites but most of those sites are not geared towards weddings so your items are left in the mix.

On WedGoods, we put you directly in touch with new brides and grooms looking for your items.

I invite you to post your items for FREE today. We only take a small 8% (versus the standard 10% other sites charge) plus PayPal fees when your item sells. We look forward to helping you sell your items.

And if you are a new bride or groom, first and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS! We are so excited for you. And I know you are here because you want to save money on your wedding day. If you don’t see what you need, please be sure to check back periodically as we are growing! Thank you for taking the time to check us out and I wish you and your loved one a joyous union filled with many blessings.

Wishing You Health & Happiness,


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