What is WedGoods?
WedGoods is an online selling platform that allows users to list gently used wedding goods and apparel for sale to other couples who are getting married. For more information be sure to check out our About Us page here https://www.wedgoods.com/about-us.
How can I list my gently used wedding goods for sale on WedGoods?
For information on listing your items for sale please watch our video https://www.wedgoods.com/how-to-post-your-items.
What are some examples of things that someone might list for sale on WedGoods?
Everything from wedding apparel including wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, to table decorations for your reception tables.
Where are the items for sale on WedGoods located?
The items can be listed all over the United States. If you are looking for items in your local area then put your zip code in the Location field and click on Search.
How can I contact WedGoods?
Please contact us via our Contact form https://www.wedgoods.com/contact-us
How does your Concierge service work?
The WedGoods Concierge program allows Wedding Professionals take their customers goods and list them for sale on WedGoods. It is a full service where they will assist you in listing, storing, selling, and shipping your items on your behalf. To find your local WedGoods Sales Concierge, visit https://www.wedgoods.com/sales-concierges
How do I get more information on becoming a WedGoods Sales Concierge?
If you would like more information on how to become a WedGoods Sales Concierge, please email us your resume to resumes@wedgoods.com.
How else can I connect with WedGoods?
Connect with us on these social sites: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wedgoods Twitter http://www.twitter.com/wedgoods Instagram http://www.instragram.com/wedgoods https://www.pinterest.com/wedgoods
What if I have a problem with a purchase I made on WedGoods? Are returns allowed?
Yes, in some cases. For gently used items purchased on WedGoods, refunds are subject to the seller’s discretion. Please check the seller’s page for their cancellation/refund policy.
How does shipping work? Is shipping included in the price of the item? If I need the item quickly can I choose to upgrade the shipping?
At WedGoods.com, shipping is always included in the cost of the item. Upgrades to shipping can be arranged with the seller for an additional cost.
Does WedGoods charge a fee for selling items?
While it is FREE to post your items, WedGoods charges sellers an 8% service fee plus applicable PayPal fees once the item is sold.
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