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FAQ's About the WedGoods Wedding Resale Events


How do the Wedding Resale Events work?

Newlyweds reserve a table that typically ranges from 6 feet to 8 feet and bring in their wedding decorations from their recent wedding. This can include chalkboards, candle holders, candles, unsued utensils, linens, lights, lanterns, centerpieces, and pretty much anything wedding related. Brides and grooms go to each table looking for wedding items and decorations that fit the style they are looking for. 


How much does it cost to reserve a table to sell my gently used wedding items?

Table reservations are usually available at a discounted price when the event is initially announced and usually start around $10 and go up to $15 prior to the event. We recommend reserving your table early to take advatage of the discounted price. A 5% service fee is also applied to all sales of items on the day of the event.


 As a Seller, do I have to bring cash to provide change when we make a sale?

No. Each table will be provided a sales slip. When you make a sale, you will fill out your sales slip with the details of the transaction. The buyer will then bring the slip to the check out to complete the transaction. Once the items are paid for, the buyer will collect all of his or her items with their proof of purchase slip. At the end of the event, WedGoods will pay out each table their total sales minus our 5% service fee.


I have just a Wedding Dress to sell. Do I have to make a table reservation to sell my dress?

No. Each event has a WedGoods Wedding Dress Rack that features gently used wedding dresses for brides to try on right on the spot. The cost is $5 plus the standard 5% service fee, if the dress sells, not to exceed $25.


What if I only have 1 or 2 items to sell?

We understand that it doesn't make much sense to reserve a table for only 1 or 2 items to sell. In this case, we recommend having our WedGoods Sales Concierge sell you items on your behalf. You would simply make arrangements with our Concierge prior to the event for drop off/pick-up. If the item sells, the Concierge would split the profit with you. The Concierge usually takes 10% profit for their services after the event fee has been charged. 


I am a Wedding Boutique Vendor. Do I reserve my table on Eventbrite?

No. If you would like to reserve space for the Wedding Boutique, please email us at  and we will more than happy to send you more info on pricing and availability.


I am a Wedding Vendor (Florist, Photo Booths, DJ, Photographer, Caterer, etc.). How can I be a part of the Wedding Resale?

Please email us at  and we will more than happy to send you more info on pricing and availability.


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